Potapas creator Jim talking about our delicious Potapas tortillas 

Truly plant-based

 Potapas Tortillas will excite the taste buds and re-define gluten free.  They are made from potatoes, cassava flour and garbanzo bean flour. In addition to Original Potato, we offer Sweet Potato and Veggie Medley.  With a savory potato flavor and soft, pliable texture, Potapas compliment a wide variety of fillings and uses to make tacos, quesadillas, enchiladas and roll-ups.  They are free from gluten, soy, nuts, dairy, corn and grains to meet a wide variety of dietary needs including being Paleo and Vegan friendly.

Find us in the gluten-free freezer section in many stores across the country. 

Potapas are a new, adventurous potato alternative to flour and corn tortillas.


Potapas are verified gluten free, non GMO verified, and Kosher.  They are also free from nuts, dairy, soy, corn, and preservatives.

Potapas are made with garbanzo bean flour for protein, cassava flour for texture and fiber, and chicory root inulin for fiber.

Potapas Sweet Potato Tortillas are now available in Southern California Whole Foods Markets in their refrigerated tortilla section!


Potapas continue to be available in all Sprouts stores, all Jimbo's Markets in San Diego, all Mother's Markets in Orange County, CA, Better Health Stores in Michigan, and

Pete's Markets in the

Chicago area. Look for them in the gluten free freezer section!

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Potapas are also available in 200+ independent markets across the US most recently coming to CA, FL, IN, LA, ME,

MI, WI, NJand more.  

As the "next-generation" soft taco size tortilla, they are delicious with a variety of savory or sweet fillings. Try our Original, Sweet Potato, or Veggie Medley tortillas for breakfast, lunch and dinner - kids love Potapas!

Potapas were invented by a persnickety food scientist who spent two years perfecting the recipe.  The tortillas won't break, crumble, split, or crack.

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